AudioControl offers a five-year warranty.
The purchase date on sales documentation from an authorized AudioControl reseller establishes the five-year, non-transferrable warranty for parts and labor on circuitry for the corresponding serial-numbered unit. Please make sure the reseller notes the serial number/s on the sales documentation. Out-of-the-box cosmetic damage will not be covered under the extended warranty unless properly documented. 

The AudioControl warranty is applicable only within the country to which the product was originally shipped and through the authorized AudioControl distributor for that country. There may be restrictions or changes to the AudioControl warranty due to regulations within a specific country. Please check with your distributor for a complete understanding of the warranty in your country or territory.
There are no warranties which exceed beyond those described in this document.

When a party outside of the network of authorized AudioControl dealers and distributors sells an AudioControl product, AudioControl will not honor the warranties for such products. 

Before requesting a warranty repair authorization, please make every effort to call AudioControl Tech Support at 425-775-8461 from the installation site where the product in question does not seem to be operating properly. AudioControl Tech Support must be given the opportunity to diagnose the issue as described in the product’s operational environment with your onsite input and participation.

ONLY  AudioControl Tech Support is authorized to issue a Return. NO RETURN WILL BE AUTHORIZED without an AudioControl Technical Support advisor’s ticketed designation and documentation that the problem was properly diagnosed from on-site.
DO NOT send in a unit without an RA number.
If the unit has been pulled from the site, the opportunity for diagnosis will extend to your facility if a dealer (for end-users, do not disconnect the product or remove it from the installation). The unit must be powered on and connected to any associated gear that will contribute to confirming the reported issue. 
If a unit does not power on, fuse integrity must be verified. Replace fuses with the identical type, or use a meter to test the fuse/s for failure.    
If the above measures are bypassed, and it is insisted the unit be returned, should no problem be found, a bench diagnosis fee of $250 will be incurred, plus the return shipping charges. These charges must be paid in full prior to the unit being shipped. 
Ship the unit in its original AudioControl carrier-rated carton with the original internal support packaging designed to cradle the unit to absorb normal transit impacts. If this is not possible and an alternate means of packaging is used, you will be liable for any damage incurred during transit. Such damage will not be covered under this warranty.
C.O.D. shipments will be refused.   


Within the warranty timeframe, AudioControl will determine if a repair or exchange is necessary upon inspection of your returned unit. For out-of-warranty products, please give AudioControl Tech Support a call to explore further options. 

If AudioControl decides to exchange a unit, the balance of the original warranty will apply to the exchanged unit as if it was repaired. An exchanged unit, while new and unused, will not have a new, full five-year warranty. 

  • Please retain your sales receipt from an authorized reseller as final proof of purchase. From whom the unit was purchased and the date of the transaction must be clearly indicated. The inability to provide proof of purchase from an authorized AudioControl reseller may negate in-warranty service claims.
  • The AudioControl factory in Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA, is the only authorized service station for American sales. For territories outside the USA, inquire with the authorized reseller in the region where the product was purchased. Any attempt at service other than by AudioControl or internationally by other than an appointed authorized AudioControl service agent will void the warranty.   
  • The factory-assigned serial number must remain visible and unaltered. If intentionally defaced, the warranty is voided.
  • Units received for service will be evaluated for signs of misuse, improper installation, or mishandling. Testing points designed into circuit boards reveal exposure to overvoltage. If misuse is determined, repair under warranty may be denied, and repair charges may be incurred. Physical damage from mishandling is not covered by this warranty.    
    • An overvoltage or undervoltage occurrence causing damage to an AudioControl product will not be covered by this warranty. 
  • AudioControl does not provide replacement parts to dealers or end-users. Replacement parts are furnished only to authorized international servicing agents on an exchange basis only. All parts returned to AudioControl become AudioControl property.
  • As a means of disrupting gray-market goods exchange, AudioControl will not change the operating voltage of any product for the original purchaser until six months from the original purchase date. 
  • This warranty applies to the original purchaser only, as documented on the original receipt from an authorized AudioControl reseller. In the event the original purchaser transfers ownership of the product before the expiration of the five-year (5) warranty term, the warranty is terminated in its entirety upon the date of such transfer. 
  • This warranty is limited to actual defects to the product or its associated manufacturing and does not include removal or reinstallation costs, shipping expenses to or from AudioControl, loss of setup parameters or other adjustments, loss of use, claims of misrepresentation by the seller, or performance discrepancies related to installation circumstances such as quality of source content or AC mains power.
  • Some AudioControl amplifier models are capable of producing high amounts of output power. In turn, it is therefore implied they may draw a great amount of current from the AC mains supply. Multiple amplifiers on a single 15- or 20-amp circuit or connected to a single power management product that is connected to a single 15- or 20-amp circuit may produce conditions that do not allow the products to perform as designed. Substandard performance under these circumstances does not constitute a warrantable issue. Outstanding circumstances related to insufficient AC supply must be corrected to restore original design performance. Please see product manuals, available online, for more detailed information. Consultation with an electrical contractor is also advised.    
  • As is included in all product warranties, acts of nature do not constitute a warrantable repair. 

This is the only warranty provided by AudioControl, and it gives you specific legal rights that vary from state to state. AudioControl has no additional obligations, express or implied, beyond what is stated in this warranty.


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