70-Volt Amplifiers

For commercial audio installations that require efficient distribution of audio signals to multiple speakers with consistent wattage and voltage. Ensure uniform power distribution across all connected speakers, maximizing sound quality and coverage while simplifying installation and maintenance.

Powerful Audio, Effortless Precision: Explore AudioControl's 70 Volt Amplifiers, delivering top-tier power and sound for outdoor and commercial A/V setups. Our award-winning CM Series allows you to finely tune audio with DSP control and matrixing. Choose from various inputs and configure outputs in mono or stereo for ultimate flexibility. Enjoy remote setup and diagnostics through a user-friendly web interface. Elevate your audio effortlessly with AudioControl – where power meets precision, simplicity meets sophistication.

70-Volt Amplifiers

AudioControl’s CM Series dual mode power amplifier solutions deliver superior quality power and sound through a large number of speakers, ideal for outdoor audio systems as well as a large variety of commercial A/V applications.
2-Channel High Power Dual-Mode 70V DSP Amplifier
3-Channel High Power Dual Mode 70V DSP Amplifier
4-Channel High Power Dual-Mode 70V DSP Amplifier

Dante Enabled
70-Volt Amplifiers

​Dante audio networking uses standard IP networks to transmit high-quality, uncompressed audio with near-zero latency. Dante is the audio networking choice of nearly all professional audio manufacturers.
2-Channel High Power Dual-Mode 70V DSP Amplifier with Dante
3-Channel High-Power Dual Mode 70 Volt DSP Amplifier with Dante
4-Channel High-Power Dual Mode 70 Volt DSP Amplifier with Dante


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