Multi-Zone Amplifiers

Enhance your residential audio experience with our multi-zone amplifiers. These amplifiers are designed to deliver individualized volume levels in each room, simultaneous playback of diverse audio sources, and seamless remote control access. They provide the ultimate solution for high-fidelity audio enjoyment across multiple zones.
Elevate Your Space, Zone by Zone: Meet AudioControl's Multi-Zone Amplifiers, the ultimate game-changers in audio distribution. Seamlessly sync your soundscape, room by room, with sleek precision. Our amplifiers are the architects of modern audio harmony, eliminating dead zones and transforming your space into a synchronized symphony. Welcome to the future of home audio, where innovation meets elegance, and every zone is a stage for sonic perfection.

Architect Series

Pristine sonics are the first goal of any AudioControl amplifier design. Ultimately, music and enjoyment are what we’re delivering. Everyone at AudioControl relishes this responsibility, and we take it seriously in all that we do. Not only should an amplifier sound fantastic, but it must perform within the unique application of a whole-house audio system. Our meticulous attention to detail and our pro-sound heritage speak for themselves in the dozens of accolades our products have received. Our most excellent satisfaction comes from our reputation for excellence amongst fellow audiophiles people like you.

16-Channel Compact 2U Multi-Zone Power Amplifier

Architect P Series

The Architect ‘P’ Series superbly complements AudioControl’s popular high-power Architect Multi-zone amplifier series with industry leading power output, skillfully engineered into a compact 1U and 2U chassis. Models are available with 2, 8, 12, or 16-channels and are designed and manufactured in the USA exclusively for the custom-installation market.​The Architect ‘P’ Series uses a cool running proprietary design, including AudioControl’s LightDriveTM anti-clipping protection, input bussing capability, output pass-thru, master 12v trigger in/out plus local 12v trigger inputs on all zones, signal sensing as well plus digital inputs through a SPDIF input for digital sources.
8-Channel High-Power Multi-Zone Amplifier
12-Channel High-Power Multi-Zone Amplifier
16-Channel High-Power Multi-Zone Amplifier

Architect with EQ

The EQ models add 5 bands of equalization with easy access from the front panel including individual control on each of the bands.
2-Channel High-Current Amplifier with EQ
12-Channel High-Power Multi-Zone Amplifier with EQ
16-Channel High-Power Multi-Zone Amplifier with EQ


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