Dante is not Daunting
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Speaker: Jim Burns
Director of Training
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Dante is not daunting with AudioControl! Joins us as we present what Dante is and how it interacts with AudioControl products. Whether the installation is new, a retrofit, or simply scaling the system up, AudioControl with Dante is a solution that should be considered for high quality audio distribution.
Topics Covered
0:00 - 8:07

Overview of Audio Systems

A brief overview of audio systems, discussing the components involved and their basic functions.
8:08 - 28:47

Introduction to Dante Technology

This section introduces Dante technology, which uses standard IP networks for high-quality audio transmission, simplifying routing and offering system design flexibility. Dante is praised for its user-friendly nature and scalability.
28:48 - 52:52

Advantages and Applications of Dante

This section highlights Dante audio networking's benefits and applications, including long and short runs, multi-room audio, remote amp locations, and TV distribution. Emphasizing Dante's flexibility in routing audio signals.

What is Dante?

Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) is a revolutionary technology that simplifies audio networking by converting audio signals into data packets. This allows for seamless and flexible audio routing over standard Ethernet networks, reducing cabling needs and enhancing efficiency.

Why Watch the Training?

Expert Insights: Gain knowledge from top AudioControl experts with extensive experience in Dante technology.
In-depth Training: Our session covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques, providing a comprehensive understanding of Dante.
Flexible Viewing: Watch the training at any time that suits your schedule.


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