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Proudly designed in the Pacific Northwest

At AudioControl, our origin is traced to developing and manufacturing affordable consumer audio tools represented by products with a professional heritage that evolved into must-have essentials.

We were in 1977, a niche time when consumer audio was in the midst of what many audiophiles now call the “Golden Age of Audio.” HiFi as an industry was experiencing exponential growth worldwide, and in the United States, tremendous mass-market acceptance had taken hold. What ultimately remained lacking industry-wide were tangible products consumers could use to make playback of music in the home come closer to sounding like live performances. Enter AudioControl.

AudioControl was conceived by professional music engineers who reasoned that providing enthusiasts with devices to shape audio like those used by recording studios, home playback systems could overcome listening environment barriers that seemed all but unavoidable.

Today, products continue to be designed and manufactured just outside Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as that fateful day in 1977. New engineering team members bring with them original thinking and fresh designs, continuing AudioControl’s tradition for value-driven, leading-edge, high-performance home cinema and distributed audio gear.

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