AudioControl Reinvents Distributed Audio with Revolutionary Dual - Mode Amplifier Design Featuring Dante Connectivity

AudioControl Reinvents Distributed Audio with Revolutionary Dual - Mode Amplifier Design Featuring Dante Connectivity

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CM Series amplifiers from AudioControl are the definitive solution for professional integrators, offering a new proprietary circuit design that sets the performance standard for distributed audio

CM Series amplifiers deliver the versatility of both Hi-Z 70-volt and Low-Z 4/8-Ohm compatibility, award-winning DSP control, matrixing capabilities and optional Dante® network connectivity

Seattle, WA, June 12th, 2024 – AudioControl ( has announced the introduction of three highly versatile CM Series amplifiers featuring compatibility with both 70-volt and 4/8-Ohm loudspeakers (Dual Mode) plus optional Dante® digital audio networking capability. The AudioControl CM Series amplifiers deliver 70-volt compatibility plus the critical features integrators must have to satisfy every imaginable application including superior audio performance and legendary build quality.

GaN Technology

AudioControl CM Series amplifiers have set a new standard for power and sound quality—but how was this achieved? GaN (Gallium Nitride) is a semiconductor material that was initially designed for the challenging demands of avionics, space, satellite, and 5G wireless applications. By using GaN Systems’ power semiconductors as the foundation for a new amplifier platform, AudioControl engineers were able to achieve high-output power, unparalleled efficiency, reduced distortion, and ultra-low signal-to-noise resulting in outstanding sonic rendering from a highly efficient circuit that fits elegantly inside a sleek form factor.

CM Series amplifiers from AudioControl perfectly blend power, performance, and reliability with Dual-Mode capability, balanced and unbalanced analog inputs plus digital audio inputs and DSP features.

There are three available channel configurations for the CM Series amplifiers:

  • CM4-750—4-Channel high-power Dual-Mode DSP-enabled amplifier
  • CM3-750—3-Channel high-power Dual-Mode DSP-enabled amplifier
  • CM2-750—2-Channel high-power Dual-Mode DSP-enabled amplifiers


A Powerful Story

The CM Series is available in three versions—4-channel, 3-channel, and 2-channel models. Each amplifier utilizes a highly sophisticated Constant Power Mode architecture that was engineered by AudioControl to deliver more output power, greater efficiency, and superb sound quality—far surpassing the performance of conventional 70-volt solutions. This proprietary amplifier delivers 750 watts per channel in 70-volt mode or 625 watts per channel at 8, 6 or 4-ohms along with stability into 2-ohms. CM Series amplifiers also deliver 1500 watts bridged in 100-volt mode and 1250 bridged into an 8-ohm load. The CM Series Dual Mode design can simultaneously operate in 70-volt mode while also driving a conventional loudspeaker. Each model offers eight balanced analog inputs (two analog inputs can be set to accommodate a microphone) plus two digital stereo inputs (coax and optical), which is unique in the world of 70-

volt products. The amplified outputs of each CM Series model can be individually controlled as mono outputs or controlled as stereo pairs, giving integrators the system configuration flexibility they need to accommodate any system architecture.

Engineered for Integrators

CM Series amplifiers offer DSP control and signal matrixing capabilities developed by AudioControl, enabling integrators to precisely tailor the sound by zone to any environment—from a heavily upholstered lobby to a highly reflective suite or boardroom. For maximum installation efficiency, system setup and diagnostics can be managed remotely via a web browser (iOS or Android devices) along with traditional PC or MAC browsers, leveraging a touch-responsive interface to control the CM Series amplifiers via IP interface and traditional 12-volt triggering methods. AudioControl has a nearly 50-year history of creating award-winning products for integrators and backing them up with superior customer service as well as a 5-year warranty. Dante-enabled CM Series amplifiers are yet another example of a best-in-class product design from AudioControl.

Connectivity Magic with Dante

Dante is an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology that moves data over a standard IP network using readily available CAT5e, CAT6 or fiber optic cable with near-zero latency. Dante is effortlessly scalable from modest installations to large scale projects, providing integrators with a highly flexible network-based platform. With the new CM Series amps from AudioControl, any source can be accessed from anywhere on the network, and up to 16 mono or 8 stereo streams of digital content can be routed to any Dante-enabled device, creating limitless system architecture options for any size project. And because the Dante technology utilizes a master clock, all connected devices remain in precise synchronization for a seamless audio experience. There are over 3000 Dante-enabled products available, providing integrators with a broad range of choices when assembling a multi-zone entertainment system. CM Series amplifiers offer Dante-enabled drivers for Control4, Crestron, and Crestron Home smart home platforms, with the ability to control 3rd party Dante sources, encoders, and other hardware.

The Power of DSP and the Sound Partners Program

DSP capabilities include onboard speaker profiles crafted by the engineers from leading architectural and commercial loudspeaker manufacturers such as Dynaudio, Graysound, James Loudspeaker, Monitor Audio, Nuvo, Origin Acoustics, Stealth Acoustics and Triad Speakers—all part of a growing list of Sound Partner Program members. AudioControl’s CM Series amplifiers also offer advanced graphic and parametric equalization along with onboard crossovers, enabling integrators to fine-tune the sound to any acoustic environment.

AudioControl CM Series amplifiers are available now.

About AudioControl Pro

AudioControl Pro is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative high-performance audio solutions for residential and commercial applications based in Seattle, WA since 1977. An AVPro Global company, AudioControl’s multi-award-winning product lineup includes power amplifiers, multi-zone amplifiers, network amplifiers, 70-volt amplifiers, single-zone amplifiers, subwoofer amplifiers, AV processors, AV receivers, and AV signal extenders. AudioControl is also known for providing award-winning customer service, technical support, and other support services on behalf of their dealers and end-users worldwide. For more information visit

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